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Mom of Injured Toddler Has A Warning for All Parents

Written by Jennifer Quinn on . Posted in 3Moms Blog

Meet Kyrie


How many times have you had a “near miss” of an accident in the home that ended with a band-aid, or a quick trip to the ER?

As a mom of five, I can tell you, PLENTY of times for me. 

There was that time that:

  • One of the kids poked the other one in the eye with scissors
  • One of the kids ran into a sharp edge of the garage and gauged his head open
  • One of the babies was accidentally left in the car seat while I ran in “real quick” forgetting the baby was with me
  • One of the babies fell through the edge of the mattress to the floor in a hand-me-down crib
  • One of the older kids nearly fell down the stairs while holding the baby

The list could go on and on. We’ve all been there. The “OMG moments” when we realize that the event could have had such a different and tragic outcome. But they don’t, and we go on with our day and our lives, virtually unaffected.

This week, I received a text from my sister-in-law. She has two nieces whom she adores beyond measure, and the text read:

“Please pray for my 2 year old niece, Kyrie. A TV fell on her and they think she has a brain injury and may require surgery. Thanks.”

My mind flashed through all of the times that my little ones had accidents. This text meant that the little toddler’s parents were living every parent’s worst nightmare. Helpless…and sad…I knew that the only thing I could do was invite others to join in the praying. I took to social media, and forwarded the text message. It became a balancing act between protecting the family’s privacy, and invoking positive vibes and prayers to help this baby girl and her family.

The next text came in early that afternoon:

“Update: She is in critical condition and they are flying her to Indianapolis. Thanks for your continued prayers.”

That evening I received this text:

“Wow. Thanks for all your prayers. It is amazing so far what He has done. She no longer needs to be in drug induced coma. Skull took most of the impact which actually good. Skull has multiple fractures but so far does not look as if she will need surgery. Keep praying. Our God is so good to have given us this good news so far. He is answering. I will let you know what happens once she wakes up. Thanks again!”

Encouraged, we hoped for better news the next day, but instead, this text came in:

“She is not waking up so they think she may be having seizures or too much pressure on the brain. Inserting something into skull to monitor. Thanks for checking.”

After a few days of waiting and watching, Kyrie’s parents started a Facebook page to keep people posted. In the first update, I was amazed at Kyrie’s mom’s openness and vulnerability at how she shared the details of what happened – and why would she do it?

To save other children.

Kyrie’s mom, Shauna, in her time of heartbreak, took to Facebook to share these words, in hopes of preventing this from happening to another child. If you have the time, the entire story is worth reading (get the tissues ready), but here are the lessons from it all:     

“If one person can benefit from the knowledge of securing a TV, even more than what they thought to prevent this accident, it gives me a sense of peace. We can put up baby gates, we can put stair guards, we can put doorknob handles up. What has been overlooked too many times, told to us by numerous doctors, is this very thing…it is a common occurrence. No longer did I feel isolated, stupid, careless…this is a real hazard that I am guessing, you in your home, right now, with small children…did not think of…until now.”

And this:

“I love my daughters now more than ever. They are not a job. They are not a sacrifice. They are a gift, and with any gift, you treasure it…no matter what.”

Cherish your children. Treasure every moment. These words cannot be repeated enough.  And please, please take the time this weekend to bolt down any dressers, bookcases, TV stands, or anything else your curious child might attempt to climb or pull down.

Finally, PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY with your friends who have children. Please do not let what this family is going through happen to another.

To follow Kyrie’s progress and wish her well, please join the Facebook page.

To donate to the family to offset the unexpected medical expense, see the GoFundMe page. No amount is too small.

We would like to send a deep, heartfelt thank you to Shauna & Jeff for allowing us to share this very important message with you. We are continually holding you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. 


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