What I Miss About Being Pregnant

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Being pregnant

Now that my son is four months old, I have to admit, I am actually starting to miss being pregnant. Now, before you start thinking another kid might be showing up soon, let me stop you right there. I can assure you that I was meant to be a mom of two. No more, no less. That being said, I will miss several aspects about being pregnant.

For starters, my hair! Oh how I miss my pregnancy hair, so full and shiny and oil-free. With the help of dry shampoo, I could go several days without an actual shampoo. (Don’t judge. I had a horrible pregnancy with crazy nausea and an 18-month-old to tend to. You are lucky I even showered.) But, alas, the hormones have faded and my shampoo-commercial hair will forever be a fond memory.

Next, I miss the attention. No, I am not some vain, narcissistic person, but you have to agree, the attention you get from being pregnant is pretty nice. Everyone always asks how you are doing and makes conversations with you when you are out and about. Once your baby arrives, it is all about your beautiful baby, as it should be. But still, the attention was nice.

The most fun part about being pregnant was eating for two. Okay, technically you are only supposed to eat an extra 500 calories or so. But you can eat without guilt. My first pregnancy, I did a very good job at eating healthy foods and only eating a little bit extra. Compared to the 1200-calorie diet I was living on prior, I was in heaven. With the second pregnancy, I will admit I did not do so well. As previously mentioned, the nausea haunted me the majority of my pregnancy, leading me to eat far more carbs than I would care to acknowledge. But I enjoyed every single one! The funny thing is, I gained 10 pounds less during the second pregnancy. Who woulda thought?

Finally, my very favorite thing about being pregnant was feeling my little miracle moving inside me. There is a reason pregnant women always have their hands on their stomachs; it is truly a miraculous feeling. Every kick, nudge, and punch, however painful, is astounding. Knowing I was never going to be pregnant again, I really tried to savor every movement as much as I could.

And I have to confess, sometimes, as I am lying in bed at night and I feel a little gas bubble in my stomach, for a split second, I think I am feeling my baby move. Then I realize my beautiful baby is sleeping quietly beside me.

I would love to know, what do you miss about being pregnant? Are they the same things as me? 

Newborn Care — What to Check if Nursing Hurts

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Breastfeeding Newborn


Recently, I called to check on a friend of mine who had her first grandchild!  I thought I would see how things were going, and on the other end of the phone was a frantic Grandma, asking, “Hey! You know these things, right? You know how to breastfeed. Didn’t you nurse your babies?”  Yes, why yes I did.  And I remember that urgent feeling of needing assistance because something with nursing wasn’t working – and my baby needed to eat!

I asked my friend if I could talk to her daughter…she passed the phone to her daughter Lindsay.  I’ve known Lindsay since she was a baby, so this was a very cool moment for me! Lindsay is like a niece, and I know from experience that she rarely, if ever, asks for help.  In fact, Lindsay is normally the one going to help everyone else.  As I spoke to Lindsay  and asked what was going on, she told me that her 4-day-old baby boy wasn’t getting enough milk and it hurts really badly every time she nurses.  

I asked Lindsay if it was important to her to continue nursing.  With newborn care, there are so many new things to learn about, sometimes new mommies change their minds when they are exhausted and overwhelmed – and that’s okay!  But, Lindsay said it was still very important to be able to nurse her new little baby boy. 

Having had five babies myself, and having helped my daughters learn how to nurse their babies, I knew a trick or two, so I offered to go to Lindsay ’s that night and see if there was some way I could assist.   Shortly after I arrived, the little guy seemed hungry so Lindsay was ready to try to nurse him.   As she placed him to the breast to latch on, I could see that his lower jaw was not opening.  Aha! Just as I suspected.  I assisted Lindsay and held the baby’s jaw open while she moved him close enough to latch on.  To do this, I placed a finger gently on his chin and “forced” his mouth to remain open widely as his mommy moved him closer to her breast.  This allowed him to get a proper latch. (Note: this usually only needs to be done for about a week; soon the baby will learn to do this on his own.  Until then, Mom may need assistance from someone, as both of her hands are occupied holding the baby. Dad, Grandma, Auntie, and friends are all good choices.  This is not a time to worry about modesty; there is nothing more natural in the world!)

newborn care breastfeeding

Open baby’s mouth by placing finger on his chin to encourage correct latch while nursing

As soon as the little fellow latched on, Lindsay’s eyes got so wide! She said it only hurt a tiny bit!  And that he was eating! She was so happy! 

The next thing I did with Lindsay , was I grabbed her body pillow and formed it into a big U-shape around the front of her body, under both of her arms, and under her happily nursing baby.  I explained to her that it was very important to relax so the milk could let-down.  Also, if her entire body was not supported, especially in the initial weeks of newborn care, her muscles would get very sore and they will often spasm. 

After a few minutes of nursing her little one, I looked at her and tears were streaming down her face.  After four days of enduring intense pain in the name of feeding her infant son, she was able to nurse him without pain!  She assured us that the tears were tears of joy and relief.  And we were all filled with joy – it was a treasured moment to share, woman-to-woman; mother-to-mother.   And I *might* have had a few tears myself.


Have you ever been in pain while nursing?  What did you do to relieve the pain?

The Triumphs of a Stay at Home Mom

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I did it! I finally did it! I am so proud of myself, I think I should celebrate! Break out the chocolate and open up the recliner, this mom is going to commemorate this occasion. So what did I do? Did I run a marathon? Yeah right. Did I write an award-winning novel? Not in the least. This stay at home mom just got both kids down for a nap at the same time, and man, does it feel AMAZING!

The life of a stay at home mom is very rewarding, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t EX. HAUS. TING! I thought I was tired at the end of the day just taking care of one kid, but man, adding another one is way more work. I can’t even imagine how those moms of more than two kids do it (if you are one of them, please share your secrets). It is seriously a non-stop job. One kid wakes up, and sure enough right when you get him fed and changed, the next kid suddenly pops up on the video monitor. And so the day goes on, with each kid having his or her needs arise totally opposite of each other.

As a stay at home mom of two, I quickly learned the importance of prioritizing. When both kids start crying at the same time, my brain quickly evaluates each situation to see which one is more pressing. Is my two-year-old telling me she’s hungry while pulling on my arm more important than my two-month-old who is crying because he just had a massive blowout? I guess that depends on how excited I am to change the blowout.

So yes, when I can get them both to take a nap at the same time, I do feel like I just finished a marathon. I grab my handful of chocolate and just lounge on the recliner, because darn it, I worked hard for this rare achievement.

What are your personal triumphs as a stay at home mom? I would love to hear all about them!

What Being Pregnant Taught Me About Myself

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See yourself through the eyes of your mother.

I have always hated two things about myself: My oddly-shaped legs and my blindingly pale skin. Okay, if I want to get nitpicky there are a lot more, but these two things have haunted me for as long as I can remember. In fact, I never even wear shorts or dresses (much to my husband’s dismay) for this very reason. So what does this have to do with being pregnant? Well, let me start from the beginning.

Before I got pregnant I was overly obsessed with reaching the perfect weight. I would count calories, get my salad dressing on the side, and always carry around healthy snacks with me in case I ended up somewhere that didn’t have anything low calorie. Yes, I was one of those women. And then I got pregnant. Being pregnant made me gain 45 pounds. You think my legs were bad before? You should have seen them at the end of my pregnancy.

But then the day finally arrived. As I sat in my hospital bed staring at the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, my daughter Madison, tears filled my eyes. I was the happiest I had ever been. I was also the heaviest I have ever been, by a lot. But you know what, I didn’t care one bit. I had my daughter. My child. I was finally a mother.

As I stared at my daughter I admired every little feature about her. She was the ideal mix of me and my husband. She had his eyes, his mouth, and my leg shape and skin tone. She was perfect. And it was in that moment I realized that those things that I hated about myself, those things that I had torn myself apart for, I was born with them. I couldn’t change them. And you know what? I bet my mother thinks I’m perfect too.

It took being pregnant for me to finally accept myself the way I am.

It took being pregnant for me to realize I was born this way. There is nothing I can do about it. I may as well embrace it. Plus, I need to set a good example for my daughter because I don’t want her growing up hating her perfectly-shaped legs and gorgeous porcelain skin tone.

What did being pregnant teach you?

Being Pregnant is Different the Second Time

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Maternity Picture - Circle of Kisses-  Being Pregnant is Different the 2nd Time Around! 3momstips.com

Circle of Kisses – Rachel’s family

Being pregnant sucks. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Sure, there are some great moments, don’t get me wrong. The first time I felt my baby move was indescribable. I still can’t believe that these little human beings I call my children grew inside me. But that’s beside the point. Of course the pregnancies were worth it, but that doesn’t mean being pregnant was easy.

If you are pregnant for the first time, savor every moment. Sleep as much as you can and just do nothing. It is the only pregnancy you will have that luxury so you may as well take full advantage. Being pregnant the second time is not near as relaxing. Instead of sleeping in and taking naps on your days off you will be chasing around another child. Instead of exercising regularly and really watching what you eat, you will spend your days picking up building blocks and grabbing whatever food you have time for.

And don’t even get me started on changing her poopy diapers!

If you think your sense of smell is bad the first pregnancy, try being pregnant around a toddler still in diapers. Be prepared to swallow your own puke a few times as you attempt to change her diaper.

My point is that being pregnant is not fun whether it is your first time, second time, or fifth time. But at least with the first pregnancy you only have to worry about yourself. It is the last time you can be truly selfish for a while so soak it up. Soon, you will find that not only do you have to sacrifice things for your children, but you actually want to.

Once again, the end result is definitely worth it. Tears in your eyes as you watch your older child kiss your new baby on the forehead. Just holding both children in your lap as you squeeze them tight. Those moments make everything worth it. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice if the stork was real.

Let me know what differences you found in your pregnancies! Did you think the first pregnancy was the easiest?