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Mom of Injured Toddler Has A Warning for All Parents

Written by Jennifer Quinn on . Posted in 3Moms Blog

Meet Kyrie


How many times have you had a “near miss” of an accident in the home that ended with a band-aid, or a quick trip to the ER?

As a mom of five, I can tell you, PLENTY of times for me. 

There was that time that:

  • One of the kids poked the other one in the eye with scissors
  • One of the kids ran into a sharp edge of the garage and gauged his head open
  • One of the babies was accidentally left in the car seat while I ran in “real quick” forgetting the baby was with me
  • One of the babies fell through the edge of the mattress to the floor in a hand-me-down crib
  • One of the older kids nearly fell down the stairs while holding the baby

The list could go on and on. We’ve all been there. The “OMG moments” when we realize that the event could have had such a different and tragic outcome. But they don’t, and we go on with our day and our lives, virtually unaffected.

This week, I received a text from my sister-in-law. She has two nieces whom she adores beyond measure, and the text read:

“Please pray for my 2 year old niece, Kyrie. A TV fell on her and they think she has a brain injury and may require surgery. Thanks.”

My mind flashed through all of the times that my little ones had accidents. This text meant that the little toddler’s parents were living every parent’s worst nightmare. Helpless…and sad…I knew that the only thing I could do was invite others to join in the praying. I took to social media, and forwarded the text message. It became a balancing act between protecting the family’s privacy, and invoking positive vibes and prayers to help this baby girl and her family.

The next text came in early that afternoon:

“Update: She is in critical condition and they are flying her to Indianapolis. Thanks for your continued prayers.”

That evening I received this text:

“Wow. Thanks for all your prayers. It is amazing so far what He has done. She no longer needs to be in drug induced coma. Skull took most of the impact which actually good. Skull has multiple fractures but so far does not look as if she will need surgery. Keep praying. Our God is so good to have given us this good news so far. He is answering. I will let you know what happens once she wakes up. Thanks again!”

Encouraged, we hoped for better news the next day, but instead, this text came in:

“She is not waking up so they think she may be having seizures or too much pressure on the brain. Inserting something into skull to monitor. Thanks for checking.”

After a few days of waiting and watching, Kyrie’s parents started a Facebook page to keep people posted. In the first update, I was amazed at Kyrie’s mom’s openness and vulnerability at how she shared the details of what happened – and why would she do it?

To save other children.

Kyrie’s mom, Shauna, in her time of heartbreak, took to Facebook to share these words, in hopes of preventing this from happening to another child. If you have the time, the entire story is worth reading (get the tissues ready), but here are the lessons from it all:     

“If one person can benefit from the knowledge of securing a TV, even more than what they thought to prevent this accident, it gives me a sense of peace. We can put up baby gates, we can put stair guards, we can put doorknob handles up. What has been overlooked too many times, told to us by numerous doctors, is this very thing…it is a common occurrence. No longer did I feel isolated, stupid, careless…this is a real hazard that I am guessing, you in your home, right now, with small children…did not think of…until now.”

And this:

“I love my daughters now more than ever. They are not a job. They are not a sacrifice. They are a gift, and with any gift, you treasure it…no matter what.”

Cherish your children. Treasure every moment. These words cannot be repeated enough.  And please, please take the time this weekend to bolt down any dressers, bookcases, TV stands, or anything else your curious child might attempt to climb or pull down.

Finally, PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY with your friends who have children. Please do not let what this family is going through happen to another.

To follow Kyrie’s progress and wish her well, please join the Facebook page.

To donate to the family to offset the unexpected medical expense, see the GoFundMe page. No amount is too small.

We would like to send a deep, heartfelt thank you to Shauna & Jeff for allowing us to share this very important message with you. We are continually holding you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. 


Read more about the importance of securing your furniture Dressers, Drills and the Message You Can’t Ignore

What Is It about Dads? (And a #giveaway!)

Written by Jennifer Quinn on . Posted in 3Moms Blog

Love songs for My Baby #giveaway

Seriously. What is it about Dads that we love so much?

The way Dads make our hearts melt when they bend down to help their toddler son.

Or the way we smile with joy when Dads hold their little girl’s hand.

Oh! Don’t get us started on the way we *squeal* inside when Dad gets up in the middle of the night to comfort a crying baby.

There is an undeniable attraction to the relationship between a child and their daddy.  So, you can imagine how we felt when we heard about the CD Alex Mitnick recorded about his new-found love – his baby boy.

Alex is an award winning children’s musician best known for his work with Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band and as host of the TV show Alex & The Kaleidoscope on NYC-TV.Alex & the Kaleidoscope, is actually going to be used in an upcoming Jake Gyllenhall film! (I hope that wasn’t supposed to be kept a secret! Oops!)

The name of his CD is Love Songs for My Baby – and we are so excited that Alex has agreed to give his CD away to one of our fans!  

Enter the giveaway here – lots of chances to enter!

Full Disclosure: 3 Mom’s Tips (collectively or individually) did not receive any compensation (not even a free CD- hey!) for sponsoring or promoting this giveaway. In fact, we decided to throw in an autographed copy of our book to the lucky winner!

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Pssst…here’s a sneak listen to one of the songs! Love!




Written by Jennifer Quinn on . Posted in 3Moms Blog

An open letter to Moms of growing children

Dear Moms of Growing Children,

I write this letter to you as I complete day three of watching my 2 ½-year-old granddaughter and 11-month-old grandson (and I write it to moms because I don’t know what it feels like to be a dad, although, I am quite certain it is very similar – so Dads, welcome).

I finish the day with a familiar fatigue from years gone by.  Exhausted from head to toe, and still an entire house to clean so we can make sure and start the day off right tomorrow. 

I raised five children, starting with twins.  My youngest is now 17 years old, and while there is still plenty of parenting to be done, very little of it is physical.  It’s funny how, just as the memory of the pain of childbirth fades with time, so does the complete physical involvement of raising children. 

Tonight as I was cleaning up after dinner – the third one in three days – (every single night these kids want food!) I was reminded of how repetitive and monotonous the tasks of parenting can become.  If we are lucky, there is very little variance in the day-to-day activity of nurturing our young.  (Why lucky? Because boring is good.  Boring means nothing bad has happened.  Nothing tragic has happened.  Boring is good because life is going on as we intentionally set it in motion.)

But, boring is boring.  And exhausting. And seemingly meaningless.  I mean, how important can it be to make another pot of macaroni and cheese, or wash another load of laundry, or read the same book for the 5th time today, or change the sheets while allowing the little one to help even though it would be faster to just do it yourself?  And if you have more than one child, then seriously – How. Many. Times.  Do you have to break up a squabble, or tell them to quit hitting, or explain that when they say mean things it hurts feelings and we don’t hurt people we love.  

And forget about time to yourself, right? Because as soon as you get it, someone inevitably gets hurt and needs you RIGHT NOW.  There’s no scheduling the needs of children.  Shoot, it’s a good day when bath time and bedtime happen at the right times. 

Sure, you love your kids.  More than anything in the world.  And you wouldn’t change a thing just to have excess free time or a body that wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day or an energy tank that wasn’t depleted…but sometimes, you have to wonder…will this ever end? And is it even worth it?

I’m here to tell you the answers with a resounding YES and YES!

One day you will wake up and realize that you have so much time on your hands you don’t know what to do with it.  And you will wonder who you are and what YOU like to do. 

But make no mistake, the work you are doing, day in and day out, is the most important work in the world! Raising the next generation is arguably the most meaningful work a person can do.

Your child will take what you teach her in the monotonous moments of the daily grind and turn it into untold magic. 

You won’t know for years to come how the patience and unconditional love you showed your child during the boring days allowed him to understand his gifts and his path in this world.  

I am even willing to bet that your grown child will come back to you with a memory of something you said or did that made a very impactful influence on her life and you won’t even remember it.  But it’s that very thing that will be the springboard to her to fulfilling her destiny.

So, yes, trudge through the day in, day out, monotonous tasks – give thanks for the boring times – and stay very clear on the relevant importance of the grand work you are doing. 

In years to come, your children will always carry your love in their hearts – and that’s what will shape the world. 


From a Mom who knows that it all goes by far too quickly


Love in their hearts -- Mom quote by Jennifer Quinn of

Top 5 Mistakes My Mom Made

Written by Jennifer Quinn on . Posted in 3Moms Blog

Top 5 Mistakes My Mom Made [blog post]


Top 5 Mistakes My Mom Made (and what she could have done better…)

This is not one of those articles written to blame my mom for everything that has gone wrong in my life.  Nor is it an article to illustrate how terrible my mom was; it is simply an opportunity to look at things my mom did through my eyes as a child and how it was perceived by me; and what she could have done better so that each of us as parents can start thinking of how our actions look through the eyes of our kids. 

Please know that I know that no one is ever a perfect parent.  I truly believe we all do the best we can with the information we have at the time; and when we know better we do better.  We will all make mistakes.  My goal as a Mom is to just not make the same mistakes my parents made.  Mistakes are wasted if we don’t learn a lesson from them, so, here are some opportunities for all of us to learn from the mistakes my mom made with her kids.

1. Invalidated my feelings – by saying things like, “If you don’t stop crying, I’m going to give you something to cry about.”  Even as a very little girl I would think to myself, “That makes no sense…if I didn’t already have something to cry about, I wouldn’t be crying!”   For me, it would have been so much better if my mom would have been able to say, “I know you are upset about something because you are crying, but I need for you to stop, and if you don’t I will have to send you to your room.”  At least it would have been clear to me what was going on.  Of course, even better would have been to have my mom be able to take a moment and talk to me about why I was crying and simply validate that it must be tough for me to be going through what I was going through. 

2. Didn’t communicate with me about changes being made and how it would affect me.  When I was 5 years old, my mother was forced to go to work to put food on the table for her 6 children (of which I was the youngest).  Why?  My dad had been in a car accident and he was unable to provide in the way he was able to prior to the accident.  At the time, none of this was explained to me at all.  I was taken to a neighbor’s house for day-care and left to figure it out on my own.  As a 5 year old, I felt dumped.  As an adult, I think, “Wow! My mom was amazing that she could get a job after being out of the workforce for 20 years and make enough money to feed her kids!”  A little bit of explanation to my 5 year old self would have made all of the difference in the world.  Something like, “Jennifer, I have loved being home with you, but I need to go make some money so we can have things like food and clothes.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love you or wish I could hang out with you all day still, but I love you so much that I want to make sure you have some yummy food,  some nice clothes and a few fun toys and to do that we need money. “  A bonus would have been to have her make time for me after work to talk about our days, or play a game, etc…  Having been a single mom of 5 kids myself, I know that when you are working full-time, sometimes all you can do is the bare necessities.  But talking to your kids, even when they very little, will make all of the difference in the world.

3. Did not acknowledge her own mistakes or apologize when she was wrong.  We all do it.  We all make mistakes, and sometimes it directly affects our children.  What a huge difference it would have made to hear my mom say, “Jennifer, I am so sorry I yelled at you when you asked a question.  You did not deserve that.  It wasn’t about you; I was tired and hungry and still had to make dinner. I had no patience, but that was my problem, not yours.” 

4. Did not take care of herself; therefore, she did not give me an example on what self-nurture looks like.  The older I get the more this affects me.  It is a known fact that what parents do is far more impactful that what they say in terms of teaching their children; especially in same gender parent/child relationships.  Having a mother martyr her self-care to do anything else is damaging to the full development and maturity of a child.  Why? Because what a child sees is what she does.  A mom who diets to the point of starvation, doesn’t exercise, and uses sleep medicine to get a night’s sleep is not a good example of self-care.  What I did was the opposite of my mom, until I realized there was a better way to take care of myself. It includes self-nurture, meditating, having good female friendships, eating healthy, exercising for recreation, taking time off, and relaxation.

5. Talked about my siblings to me, and visa-versa. This is damaging on so many levels.  First of all, it affected the relationship I had with my siblings AND my mom.  It put me in the middle. It forced me to choose sides. But the worst moment came when I realized that if my mom was talking to me about them; she must be talking to them about me. Ouch!

Truth be told, there are more than 5 mistakes my mom made while raising me.

Truth be told, there are more than 5 mistakes I have made while raising my kids.

Truth be told, there will be more mistakes we all make while raising our kids.  The best we can do, is to do our best, learn as much as we can to do better, and own our mistakes when we are aware of them. 


What did your parents do, and what could they have done differently that would have made an impact in your life? 

Awesomeness Blog Tour!

Written by Jennifer Quinn on . Posted in 3Moms Blog

Psssst…at the bottom of this post there is a giveaway! What’s a blog tour without FREEBIES?!

I have a friend named Destiny with whom I have lunch now and again. You know, the girlfriend you can say ANYTHING to, and you occasionally spew your tea across the she-she sushi restaurant because she makes you laugh at just the “right” time?   Yes.  That’s the one. Sometimes we talk about work, kids, dating, husband (she’s single – I’m not), and life.  That’s when we get kind of serious. 

On one particular lunch, the conversation turned to “being awesome.”

Destiny said, “Well, you are awesome, but you know that, don’t you?” 

I answered honestly.  “No.  No, I really don’t.” 

She was so surprised! She said, “How can you not know you are awesome?”

I said, “Well, who thinks they are awesome? Do you think that YOU are awesome?” 

 She answered honestly.  “Yes.  I know I am.”

And there it was.  As raw and beautiful as it could possibly be.  And she was right! She IS awesome. 

It really led me to do some thinking – why do I, and most of the people I know (except Destiny), find it hard to know of their own “Awesomeness?” 

My conversation with Destiny was one of several things that started me on a journey of self-introspection.  I even hired a personal mind/body/spirit coach to walk with me on my journey.  I was seriously seeking answers to this mystery of self-acceptance and self-love.  

It was about this time, that the book “Stairway to Awesomeness” came across my path (don’t you love it when that happens?).  The author, Tanya Masse, a.k.a. “Comic Strip Mama,” asked the “3 Moms” to preview her upcoming book and write a 1 or 2 sentence review for it. 

Having already been a huge fan of Comic Strip Mama – I said, “YES!” immediately.   Rachel wanted to read it, too.  Nicole was probably at work 😉  When it came time to write the review, Rachel and I tried to narrow it down to 1 or 2 sentences, but I think we settled on 3 or 4!

Stairway to Awesomeness

“Stairway to Awesomeness,” while written with levity and humor, takes on the profound task of helping each of us see that we truly are AWESOME and we can experience AWESOMENESS by practicing the steps laid out in Tanya’s book.

You might be like me; thinking you aren’t awesome.  But I have a little secret to tell you.  If you have been led to believe you aren’t awesome, it’s a lie.  It’s a BIG FAT LIE that has been told to us by “well-meaning” adults who surrounded us while we were growing up who did the best they could.  Because, as it turns out, they were lied to by “well-meaning” adults, who were lied to by “well-meaning” adults, and so on.

Do you not believe me that you are AWESOME?  Okay.  Do me a favor.  Think back to the last time you looked into the eyes of a baby.  Maybe it’s your baby. Or your grandbaby. Or your niece, nephew, or neighbor’s baby.   You know the “Awesomeness” that baby has? It is the exact same AWESOMEMNESS you have!

And you can CLAIM IT! And if you don’t know how – I’m happy to say, you now have a handbook! An instruction guide to life! HA! And they said there was no such thing!

Here it is – Your very own Instruction guide to life – “Stairway to Awesomeness” complete with pictures! And very clever, funny pictures at that!  

OMG! I just realized there are 30 steps on the stairway.   Read one step per day and in one month – you will be experiencing AWESOMENESS!

Thank you Tanya, for contacting us and giving us this wonderful opportunity to share this message with others!

It’s important to note that we have not received any compensation from Tanya or the publishers to promote this book – we just believe in it!!  Read our Disclosure and Disclaimer


We KNOW that the more you know YOUR awesomeness,

the better it is for you as a parent, and the better it is for your kiddos!

That’s why…

At 3MomsTips – we are THRILLED to be the

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 What’s a Blog Tour, you might ask? 

Back in the day, author’s would go on a book-signing tour to promote their new book.  But now, with the glorious power of the internet, authors go on Blog Tours!  

What’s in it for you, you might ask?

Well, in a word, FREEBIES! 

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Stairway to Awesomeness


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