What I Miss About Being Pregnant

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Being pregnant

Now that my son is four months old, I have to admit, I am actually starting to miss being pregnant. Now, before you start thinking another kid might be showing up soon, let me stop you right there. I can assure you that I was meant to be a mom of two. No more, no less. That being said, I will miss several aspects about being pregnant.

For starters, my hair! Oh how I miss my pregnancy hair, so full and shiny and oil-free. With the help of dry shampoo, I could go several days without an actual shampoo. (Don’t judge. I had a horrible pregnancy with crazy nausea and an 18-month-old to tend to. You are lucky I even showered.) But, alas, the hormones have faded and my shampoo-commercial hair will forever be a fond memory.

Next, I miss the attention. No, I am not some vain, narcissistic person, but you have to agree, the attention you get from being pregnant is pretty nice. Everyone always asks how you are doing and makes conversations with you when you are out and about. Once your baby arrives, it is all about your beautiful baby, as it should be. But still, the attention was nice.

The most fun part about being pregnant was eating for two. Okay, technically you are only supposed to eat an extra 500 calories or so. But you can eat without guilt. My first pregnancy, I did a very good job at eating healthy foods and only eating a little bit extra. Compared to the 1200-calorie diet I was living on prior, I was in heaven. With the second pregnancy, I will admit I did not do so well. As previously mentioned, the nausea haunted me the majority of my pregnancy, leading me to eat far more carbs than I would care to acknowledge. But I enjoyed every single one! The funny thing is, I gained 10 pounds less during the second pregnancy. Who woulda thought?

Finally, my very favorite thing about being pregnant was feeling my little miracle moving inside me. There is a reason pregnant women always have their hands on their stomachs; it is truly a miraculous feeling. Every kick, nudge, and punch, however painful, is astounding. Knowing I was never going to be pregnant again, I really tried to savor every movement as much as I could.

And I have to confess, sometimes, as I am lying in bed at night and I feel a little gas bubble in my stomach, for a split second, I think I am feeling my baby move. Then I realize my beautiful baby is sleeping quietly beside me.

I would love to know, what do you miss about being pregnant? Are they the same things as me? 


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  • Annie


    This was sweet and good timing for me. I’m currently pregnant with just a few weeks to go. While I feel huge and am starting to get uncomfortable I know this is my last child so therefore also my last pregnancy. I also love the feeling of my baby moving inside of my belly and will miss it for sure! Thanks for the reminder to be present now since it will be over before I know it!


    • Rachel Morrow


      Congratulations! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂


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