Maternity Jeans or Muffin Top: A Postpartum Tale

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maternity jeansI have a confession. I am still wearing maternity jeans. Am I pregnant? Nope, and I haven’t been for six months. Yet, every day when I get dressed I go through the same dilemma. First, I pull my “fat jeans” out of the closest from my pre-pregnancy days. I slide one leg into them and they seem like they will actually fit. I get the other leg in too. Success! Then it comes time to button them. When I hear the clap of the snap I feel a sense of pride. “They finally fit! I did it!” And then I look in the mirror.

 There it sits. The muffin top to rival all muffin tops. Yes, I am finally wearing non-maternity jeans, but is the pride felt worth looking like a baked goodie as I go throughout my day? Unfortunately, I reach the same conclusion every day. No. So, alas, I slip off my “regular” jeans and put back on the full panel maternity jeans that are getting much more wear than they bargained for. At least with the maternity jeans I have a somewhat smooth silhouette since there is no waistband tightly squeezing my core. Plus, maternity jeans are very forgiving. They stretch in a way no other jeans stretch, and I love them for it.

 If you are still pregnant, don’t let this scare you. I know plenty of women that are able to quickly fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans in no time at all. I am just not one of them. It is partially my fault. I didn’t start exercising until about a month ago and I hardly watched what I ate. Now I am on the right track and maybe, just maybe, I will be out of my maternity jeans by the time my son is one year old.

 Now I have a favor to ask: When you see me around town, just pretend you don’t know this little secret and be super impressed with how svelte my midsection looks. Thank you.

 I want to know: What do you think is worse, wearing maternity jeans several months postpartum or having a muffin top? 


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