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Mother’s Day is like sharing your birthday with 85 million other people. Fun, huh? On one hand, it’s all about you, but on the other, you still have to worry about all of the other moms in your life. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely deserve to be pampered and spoiled. You work hard every single day of the year and this is your one day off (if you are lucky). But it is also about all of the other moms that you know. They deserve acknowledgment and spoils too. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you pick out the perfect gift for all the moms in your life. 

Your Own Mom

At this point in your life, your Mom knows how busy you are. She knows that you spend your days chasing your kids around, and she respects that. However, that doesn’t get you a bye on Mother’s Day. In fact, you sure as heck better remember your mom. Luckily, your mom is easy to please. She probably just wants some extra quality time with you and your kiddos. You can easily suffice her with a nice meal out or even a special trip to go see her.

Your Mother-in-Law

Whether you like her or not, you better not forget your mom-in-law on Mother’s Day. After all, she did give birth to your spouse, so you can at least be grateful for that. (For the record, I love my mother-in-law.) Just like with your mom, your mom-in-law will probably love some quality time with your family. If that is not possible, maybe send her a coffee mug with your kids’ pictures on it so she can start every day off with a smile.

Your Sister

If you have a sister that is also a mom, it is a good idea to acknowledge all of her hard work, too. Sisters are simple. You can send her some flowers with a nice card, or you can volunteer to babysit for a weekend in the future so she can get some much needed time off. 

Your Friends

With your mom friends, you don’t need to do anything fancy; simply acknowledging them on Mother’s Day can go a long way. For some extra kudos, give her a gift certificate for a manicure and offer to watch the kids as she gets it.

Your Pregnant Friend

Just because your pregnant friend doesn’t have a tangible child yet doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be honored on Mother’s Day. In fact, she will be so flattered that you thought of her you will score some bonus points. For the mom-to-be, why not get her something that will actually help her once her bundle of joy arrives: a free ebook packed full of 101 tricks that take the guesswork out of parenting. Not Your Ordinary Parenting Book: Newborn Edition will make you look like a hero because it will offer your friend practical tips that can’t be found in traditional parenting books. The best news is that on Thursday, May 9, 2013 (mark your calendar!), it will be a free ebook for you to download straight from Amazon (there’s a “Give as a Gift” button).

Now that you have all of the other moms in your life covered, it is time to make the day all about you. So lay back, relax, and enjoy all of the attention. Because tomorrow, it will be back to being about everybody else.

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